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It had always been there at the bottom of the top right drawer. That aging photograph that had once been hastily shoved into a cheap frame. Most days, she didn't consciously register the sight of it. Others, like this day, she pulled it from the drawer and stared as if it might come alive somehow. It was funny, because it always managed to well up different emotions in her. Anger, longing, sadness, and even worry. But her first thought was always, 'Foolish children.'

Those few moments of quiet nostalgia spent staring at the joyful and young couple clad in summer yukata were the only ones she would ever allowed herself. The others that forced their way into her mind at odd times were met with strong opposition and denial, even though they often lingered for hours, or even days. This ritual though, as bittersweet as it was, was easier to put away when she was finished. It had its space, and it was always there, waiting for the times she chose to remember.

The beep from her console, however, interrupted her reverie. Duty called. It demanded with another shrill chirp. And Pellegri turned the frame over in her hands before smashing it down on the top of the dresser. She righted it, and cleared the glass away before plucking the photo from the frame.

There would be nothing to put away once the call had been answered. No space left for her or her memories. She supposed she could take at least this one with her.


Nov. 22nd, 2012 02:21 am
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